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Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K classes remain small, no more than 10 children, to guarantee each child receives plenty of dedicated attention from our devoted teachers while working on such important preparatory skills. Using lessons divided into themed units, Pre-K children practice prime development skills required for entering kindergarten. Numerous activities are offered in language development, mathematics, and science, complimented with exposure to art, music, literature and cooking! The students are encouraged to participate in more writing and pre-reading activities while still maintaining our work-through-play philosophy.

Our goal for all children that attend the Pre-Kindergarten program is to ensure they are fully prepared for entry to kindergarten.

Furthermore, Pre-K students continue to develop their social skills, independence and creativity by learning to work together on solving problems not only in the classroom but also in the community. Children learn empathy as they participate in community service projects and environmental studies. We branch out to our community by hosting community readings and craft dates plus discover ways to improve the ‘world around us’. Children enrolled in Pre-K will graduate Preschool with an appreciation for themselves and others, a wealth of pre-reading skills and with a ‘love to learn’. By the end of the school year, each child is expected to accomplish their milestones as Pre-Kindergarteners ultimately creating a smooth and successful transition to kindergarten.

  • Years Old 4-5 Year Olds
  • Class Size 10
  • Morning & Afternoon Snacks Included
  • TEACHER Ms. Michelle