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Units are set within the Creative Curriculum. Each teacher has the opportunity to choose a theme within the unit to base their lessons on. Units last anywhere from 2-8 weeks and themed lessons are 2 weeks at a time. Each teacher will make lessons based on the age group they teach. Each age group lesson also include dramatic play, books, music/movement, sensory, art, math/science, blocks and literacy.


Monster Manners

  • The whole school will take 2 weeks spending time to learn Above the Line and Below the Line school manners by using visual happy, sad, angry and silly monster faces. During this time, the teachers will also implement their classroom and school rules. By teaching this Unit as a whole, every child will gain the understanding what an above and below the line manner is when asked. This will carry on throughout the school year.

Color & Change

  • During the fall and beginning winter months, the children will learn about a variety of primary and secondary colors, changes happening outside (fall and winter) and seasonal holidays.

Around the World

  • Children will have the chance to explore Around the World them. They may “go to” outer space, learn about the world’s climates and animals, visit each country and learn about National birds, food, flags, culture, etc, or learn about each state.

Community Occupations

  • Children will learn about the different occupations in our community such as, fire fighters, the police, postal workers, teachers, vet, etc. They will have a chance to dress up for career day as who they want to be when they grow up.

Living Things

  • The Living Things unit takes us to the end of the school year. Children will observe a live butterfly life cycle, plant life cycles, flowers, tadpoles-frogs, animals, dinosaurs, etc. The themes are never ending. This is a school favorite unit.  For our Family Picnic at the end of the year, we release the butterflies the children watched transform.
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Each week features a different country or State. Each weeks lesson will include, arts/crafts, games, dress-up/music etc, from that featured country/state.

  • Age: 2-8 Years
  • Class Size:

The two year old program introduces our youngest learners to being in school. In the twos, the class size will be no more than 8 children. Outside playtime is an exciting time for our two year olds.

  • Age: 2 Year Olds
  • Class Size: 8

The three year old program uses theme-based units to continue the development of social skills. Children learn how to work together and express themselves through verbal language.

  • Age: 3 Year Olds
  • Class Size: 12

Pre-K students continue to develop their social skills, independence and creativity by learning to work together on solving problems not only in the classroom but also in the community.

  • Age: 4-5 Year Olds
  • Class Size: 10